04 December 2007

The other day my neighbor and I were visiting and the conversation turned to the all the disrespectful, uncontrollable children in the neighborhood who run around and cause trouble. She said it was never like this until about last year when the army started moving all the wounded soldiers and thier families into housing. She commented how it's all those infantry families that are causing the problems. Then she stopped in mid-sentence and suddenly looked trapped, and very apologetic. I just laughed and told her it's probably very true. I wasn't offended in the least.


Vincent said...

That does it, I am sending my four year old boy to your neighborhood with a bat and a bag full of rocks. Just tell all those silly adults "shut-up", you’re not my dad, my dad is Infantry... He could lead an Infantry kid’s rebellion on Post.
Yes I love to play to the stereotype. Yup, those Infantry guy, wives and their kids are just out of control, and I love them all. By the way, every Infantryman worth his salt has several Medic friends. The Combat Medic is one of my heroes. By the way, I hear Combat Medic kids can be a rough and rowdy bunch as well. Keep Smiling
Old Grunt

Chris said...

Found your blog and thought you'd appreciate this song about a little girl who asks Santa to bring her daddy home for Christmas.


Haole Wahine said...

Finally catching up on some of the blogs. Gotta love those infantry kids. What would "people?" talk about if it wasn't for the infantry?

Bundle up, the cold? air just blew through Austin headed your way. I know you guys keep sending it back as 80 degree days, but thought I might warn you. It somebody didn't tell you it was going to be cooler, you'd miss it. Gotta love this TEXAS weather. Enjoy your dance lessons, and don't you dare become one of those tree huggers. We've already got enough of them in Austin. Keep us real.

I spent 5 Christmas's in Hawaii (Pearl Harbor, Navy), wishing I could be home in West Texas. So, Mele Kilikimaka, from Williamson County, TEXAS.

Long-time RN said...

Just stopped by to say hello and hope the days are getting a little brighter. Hang in there through the holidays. Hope you're dancing and finding your center! Take care of yourself.

Karie said...

I would have been pissed... The wounded guys deserve the nicer houses more than they do. Maybe I'm biased but I've seen what they go through. That lady is selfish and seems to have been a little too pampered.

Anonymous said...