29 October 2011

I am still here at Fort Lewis! STILL.  My husband is still going through the Med Board process.  I really think he will be done soon but I have been saying that for almost two years now, so I honestly have no clue how much longer we will be here.

Things have changed so much since my husband joined the army 10 years ago.  Change is just an ongoing process in the army and we all change with it without realizing it.  We are both still receiving therapy and are on antidepressants, as is the rest of the army population...okay maybe not everyone. Just the ones that have been in for several years now, the ones who will actually admit when things are really screwed up.  I guess the trial for the sergeant who killed the civilians in Afghanistan started today. Don't know what to think about that.  He definately needs help and should get it before anyone  judges him...but the army doesn't usually work that way. 

I had a job last summer  until I broke my foot and couldn't walk for almost four months and I haven't worked since. I recently cracked a different toe on the same foot, but at least I can kind of walk this time. I think it's because I have very little peripheral vision. It's always been this way since I was a teen and my optometrist correctly predicted that I hated video games and then told me that video games was my new homework- to try and improve my vision. My brothers were jealous. You can imagine what my husband thought when I walked into a doorframe while we were dating, and later a tree branch, and so on and so forth.

I have lost all desire to work, finish college, become a nurse. Sad, I know.  I've found it's easier to just hide in my house. Not the right answer, I know  but I have lived and learned and understand why so many armywives do just that.  I did get a phone number from the library for a class to become a tutor for adult illiteracy here in Tacoma. I really like that idea- to help others learn how to read. I couldn't imagine not being able to read. To help make up for the lack of income I've become one of those couponers you see on TV.  I get several hundred dollars a month in food and household goods with coupons. It's really fun. In a sense, I'm beating the system- in a pathetic housewife sort of way....Filling up our pantry til it's overflowing and hardly paying a penny for it.  Getting ready for the Zombie Apocolypse.  My daughters friend calls it the panic room. I thought that was interesting...panic room?  I guess so.

The army has hired companies to come in and cut down all our precious trees on post.  My girls are not happy. Why would they want to take away something so beautiful, such as these Evergreens? I don't know. I can see the helicopters as they fly overhead better now though, which is nice.  Try to find the positive things in a situation, right?

Once in awhile I wish I never changed the template of this Army wife blog. I lost alot of good links to fellow bloggers and can't find them now. I still wonder what ever happened to the Unlikely Soldier. And now I know. I just looked him up online and it appears he still has a blog.  Hope he keeps writing. 

It appears there are many cases at Madigan of soldiers who have stacks of paperwork with diagnosis of PTSD who are going through the Med board. When they reach Forensics Psychology as part of the Medboard evaluation, the not so lovely doctors there change the PTSD diagnosis into a noncompensational diagnosis (such as 'adjustment disorder and possible malingering') to save Uncle Sam some money by not medically retiring the soldiers who should be medically retired. This has become so big that some very ImPoRtAnT people in the army world have gotten involved...finally!  I wonder how many soldiers have been put out on the street without benefits  they rightfully deserved and desperately needed only to end up, oh I don't know...maybe becoming homeless or committing suicide or killing thier family- all because Uncle wanted to save some money. Nevermind that without these soldiers, Uncle would have nothing.


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